Understanding the Procedure for Ordering Custom Teeth Whitening Strips from OEM

Understanding the Procedure for Ordering Custom Teeth Whitening Strips from OEM

Whitening mouth strips are commonly used for individual brand-identity dental care products. In business, customized teeth whitening strips are preferred nowadays. Some critical steps should be followed when ordering customized teeth whitening strips from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). One should stay informed about these steps to be aware of the procedure beforehand. Below described are some steps in detail, the procedure for each key stage, from the first consultation to the final delivery. So, let’s delve into the article and explore how to order custom OEM Teeth Whitening Strips.

Step 1: Understanding the Needs of the Client

The first action involving an OEM in the process of ordering teeth whitening strips is therefore to assess one’s requirements properly. This involves the analysis of the nature of the target market, the detailed features of the products, and branding needs. The OEM will collaborate with you to obtain all the required information and give you professional market advice. It is during this first meeting that the working relationships between the partners are established.

Step 2: Agreement on the Order Details

The following step after identifying your needs is the bargaining of the order terms. This also comprises aspects such as quantity, price, packaging, and time of delivery. Both friendly parties will strive to establish a preliminary cooperation agreement that would stipulate all critical parameters of the order. It is important to state and clarify numerous aspects during this phase so there are no miscommunications at a later stage.

Step 3: Getting Customized Samples

After the formula has been developed and tried out, the OEM will then send you samples that are made to the specifications of your company for endorsement. This means that it is possible to assess the product and probably make changes where necessary before scaling the product to the market. Feedback is critical in this phase because it helps to ensure that the final product meets the expectations of the clients.

Step 4: Production Quantity and the Storage Time

Once the customized sample has been agreed upon, the OEM will start mass production of the teeth whitening strips. Quality and production control are well followed to make sure that the quality of the manufactured products is up to the required standards. At the end of the process, they are stocked in the OEM’s warehouse where visual inspection can be conducted if necessary.

Step 5: Customer Inspection and Shipment

In this stage, you will organize an inspection of the products before the final shipment is made. This step also helps to evaluate whether the teeth whitening strips developed in the previous steps meet all the set requirements and standards. After passing the inspection, the OEM will arrange to transport the products to your desired destination.


Purchasing ready-made teeth whitening strips from an OEM is not difficult; however, getting an OEM to produce a specific order of teeth whitening strips may require a lot of planning and consultation. Admittedly, the process of satisfying the client begins from the identification of needs to the product’s shipment with each stage crafted to meet your expectations in terms of quality. When you follow the highlighted procedure, you develop and introduce a new dental care service that is different from the existing ones.