Installation and Set up of Pressure Washer

Installation and Set up of Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are widely used to wash cars, houses and other objects. It's a great way to remove dirt from objects. It does the washing work quickly and with efficiency. Most commonly they are used for washing cars. You can easily buy one of these from the market and install it in your garage. If you don't found it in the market near you, then you can order one online. Some of them are portable and others need to be installed. Its installation process is easy, and you can easily do it at home. It requires no rocket science. After installing it, you can use it to wash your cars and remove dirt from it. Let's discuss the installation process.


The installation of a pressure washer is pretty easy. It is usually mounted on the wall of garage.

You get the required materials for installation in the box. Install, set up and it's ready to use.

Setting Up:

Following are the steps to set up a pressure washer.

Electrically Powered:

A high pressure hose comes with the machine. First of all, connect the hose pipe with the machine by inserting it in the hose-pipe inlet and then tighten it. Then thread the coupler attachment onto the garden hose. A coupler attachment twists on to the end of the garden hose. It can then be threaded to any attachments on the power washer. Insert the garden hose into the water inlet and tighten it. Then the spray gun is set up by attaching the wand. Its tip can be changed. Many guns come with more than one tip so that the spray volume can be changed. Next step is to connect the washer to the electric source. After connecting it, it will light up to show that it is getting electric current. Then turn on the water faucet. You shouldn't use it without a sufficient water supply. If you want to measure if you have a sufficient water supply, fill the water in a 5 gallon bucket. You have sufficient water supply if it gets filled in two minutes or

under two minutes. In case you don't have sufficient water supply, you must not use the machine because it can get damaged. Now turn the button on and you are ready to use it.

Gas Powered:

First of all, check if there is sufficient oil in the engine. If sufficient oil is present then add fuel in the fuel tank. Some machines use gasoline and mostly the industrial machines use diesel. Set up the spray gun in the same way as described above. After that, connect the machine with a water source but don't forget to measure water supply. The method to measure the water supply is also described above. Then attach the hose pipe and then spray gun with the hose pipe. Then start the engine of the pressure washer. After that, you are now ready to wash your car or other objects.