Homemade Detergents for Use in Pressure Washers

Homemade Detergents for Use in Pressure Washers

Tough stains require a stronger solution to clean them. And for this, you need detergents. There are different kinds of detergents available in the market and depending on your pressure washer, you can choose the one that suits you the best. You however, need to be keen on what solution you use for your cars.

There is a natural and also eco-friendly way to clean your house with a pressure washer and that is by using homemade detergents. Homemade detergents are easy to make, less expensive and also have little or no harm on the environment.

If you have ever owned an electric pressure washer, then you must be familiar with the fact that they are quite powerful yet they require a gentler cleaning agent than that of a gas powered pressure washer.

Read on to know more about the different types of homemade detergents which you can use in your own electric pressure washer:

Preparing a Homemade Detergent

Homemade detergents can clean off dirt and grime just as well as commercial products. These cleaning solutions also tend to be much less expensive than their store-bought counterparts. Many homemade detergents are safe, but some ingredients can end up damaging the environment.

Common Ingredients for Homemade Detergents

Many common household items can be combined to create inexpensive, but effective homemade detergents. For example, adding washing soda and Borax to an oxygen bleach product serves as an inexpensive alternative to commercial laundry detergents. The combination of these ingredients can also be used as a degreaser for outdoor surfaces such as decks and driveways. If you have stubborn stains on your deck or driveway that need to be removed, adding a few drops of dish-washing soap with the above-mentioned ingredients will usually do the trick.

Dish-washing soap is another effective ingredient for homemade pressure washer detergent. Diluting this type of soap with water safe for most surfaces and therefore can be used on cars, trucks and other vehicles as well as on home siding. Make sure not to use too much soap because if you do, you will create a lot of foam that may need a lot of water to rinse off.

Dangerous Pressure Washer Chemicals

If you're using a pressure washer to clean your car, boat or house siding, you should be careful about what chemicals you're using for a cleaner effect. There are many detergents designed specifically for pressure washers, and most of them are safe for you to use. However, some of them have caustic chemicals in them that can cause burns if they land on human skin.

Be sure to read the labels of any pressure washing detergent before purchasing it and especially before spraying it onto your skin with a pressure washer. The label will tell you exactly what chemicals are in the detergent, and how it might affect your skin. If you're sensitive to certain chemicals, then it's best to stay away from those detergents.

Also remember that even though the label may say that a detergent is safe for certain uses, that doesn't mean that it can't harm human skin if it's sprayed there at high pressures. Be careful around any kind of detergent when using a pressure washer. Check with the Giraffetools collections for a deeper guide on safe detergents.