Five Common Sectors Using Personalized Lanyards

Five Common Sectors Using Personalized Lanyards

A lanyard is a strap of fabric sewn into a loop for wearing around the neck like a necklace. The stitched material usually has a clip, hook, or ring fitting for attaching some form of identification like a name tag or guest badge. Lanyards are made from soft materials like cotton, plastic, or polyester. In fact, customized lanyards are quite popular in the corporate world. In addition, personalized lanyards have several uses in companies, learning institutions, and event organizations.

Five Common Sectors of popular using customized lanyards

Almost everyone uses a lanyard without even noticing its practicality and many applications. Are you in business, official events, or non-official events? You can never go wrong with personalized lanyards. They will help you achieve your identification or branding goals. There are many instances where you can use these lanyards. Below are some common sectors where people often use customized lanyards.

The education sector

Students and educators use lanyards to hold their IDs and keys in the education sector. Students also use them during events like athletics and academic contests to hold their badges. Most learning institutions sell lanyards in their libraries and bookshops. In addition, many schools and universities give them free promotional gifts during orientation and various school events.

The medical sector

Nurses and doctors also use lanyards to hold and display their IDs. Additionally, many hospitals require visitors to wear lanyards displaying their “visitor” badge. With lanyards, medical professionals can do their duties without carrying around a purse to hold their badges or fumbling around in their pockets when patients need them. Furthermore, eye doctors and eye-care specialists add double-ended lanyards to kids’ glasses. They hold on to the glasses when you do not want to wear them around your face or head all the time.

The sports sector

Referees and coaches use lanyards to hold their whistles around their necks. It is safe to carry around and does not interfere with their comfort. The lanyard gives them easy access, especially for referees during a fast-paced game. It’s also a good way to let everyone know that they are the referee and what they have with them.

The media industry

Reporters often use their media badges and IDs to access restricted areas when reporting events. Lanyards are perfect tools for holding their IDs and badges because they give media personalities easy access during busy work days. Even without producing the identification cards, the security personnel can easily recognize their presence. The same applies to the general public; they can tell which media house you represent.

Corporate facilities

Most corporate facilities provide their staff with lanyards for holding access cards and IDs when getting in and out of the facilities. Lanyards are also used in concerts and VIP events like trade shows and conferences to display credentials for area access.


Lanyards are better alternatives to placing IDs, badges, name tags, keys, and access tags in pockets or bags. They prevent loss and make them easily accessible. Personalized lanyards can also serve as promotional tools for businesses and institutions. Alibaba offers a wide array of customized lanyards in various designs, colors, and materials.