Different Types of Gaming Chairs

Different Types of Gaming Chairs

Thanks to technological advancement, gaming has taken a different turn over the years. And this evolution has birthed several high-tech gaming equipments to make the experience even more pleasant for game lovers. One such addition is the gaming chair, and this particular item has proven to be a favorite among game addicts.

Most gamers are familiar with gaming chairs that look almost like office chairs, but there are different kinds of gaming chairs with various specs and designs. We might not be able to capture all, but here’s a list of some of the most popular gaming chairs and what makes them special.

PC Gaming Chair

We’ll start with this because it’s the most common. It’s like a typical office chair; people who love playing games regularly will enjoy using it. This is because these chairs have been designed to look like racing car seats, offering top-notch endurance and comfort no matter the long hours you spend sitting on them to play games. This chair features recline, height adjustment options, and other interesting features like supreme headrests, soft armrests, and cushioning.

Racer Chair

As the name implies, racer chairs are great for racing games. This type of gaming chair is usually made with PVC and genuine leather. They look similar to PC gaming chairs but have more support, cushioning, and adjustability features, and they’re also different in that they’re lower, looking more like motor cars bucket seats.

Racer chairs are also great for long gaming hours and feature armrests, casters, backrests, and tilting and reclining features. Some more innovative models possess foot pedals, steering wheels, and more – all these give you a semblance of an actual racing environment.

Rocker Gaming Chair

Rocker gaming chairs differ from racers and PC chairs because they don’t have swivels or legs. These chairs are low, usually placed on the floor, and can be rocked. They are L-shaped and feature backrests and headrests, all of which make them more comfortable than other gaming chairs that encourage sitting posture.

Rocker chairs usually possess only basic features, but a model stands out – the V rocker chair. This model comes with more advanced features such as in-speakers, control panels, and compatibility with some home devices.

Pedestal Gaming Chair

Pedestal gaming chairs combine the features of a rocker chair, a recliner, and a swivel chair. It’s a bit high, with a pedestal as its base, giving it its “rock and rotate” feature. Like a recliner, pedestal chairs can be tilted to fit the sitting posture of the gamer. It also features other special properties like inbuilt speakers and racing accessories.

Beanbag Gaming Chair

Beanbag gaming chairs were popular in the 70s, and while they disappeared for a while, they are finally gaining back their popularity. This chair’s highest priority is the gamer’s comfort. It has no backrest, armrests, headrest, or body support. However, it’s flexible and light, making it the best choice for game lovers.

Hybrid Gaming Chair

Like a typical hybrid product, hybrid gaming chairs are a combination of two or more different kinds of gaming chairs. Most times, they are customized for people who can afford them.


Gaming can be a demanding physical activity, which is why your comfort while playing isn’t something you should joke about. Based on the descriptions of the different kinds of available gaming chairs, you can make your choice with what you need in a gaming chair. Interestingly, gaming chairs don’t have to look boring. There are cute and colorful types like the hello kitty gamer chair.