Choosing Frames For Stylish Men Eyeglasses

Choosing Frames For Stylish Men Eyeglasses

More men have worn glasses recently, which is an excellent fashion improvement. Some have a collection of them, unlike in the past when a pair would last for years. There are nice glasses for guys everywhere; you just need to shop from the best online stores like GlassesShop. There are endless options in terms of shapes, colors, and styles. But, getting the right fit is daunting. Most men don't know their face shape, thus affecting their choice of glasses and overall appearance; that is where considering frame matters. This article highlights the tips for choosing frames for stylish men eyeglasses.

How to select stylish men eyeglasses according to face shape

Your face shape determines the ideal frame for you. Find out the shape of your face using a picture of you. Trace around your face and hairline and note the shape formed. Each shape goes well with a particular frame though some share. That might sound confusing, but it is easy to do and follow. Check out the following tips for more guidance.

The round face

This means your cheeks are fuller, and the jawline is gentle. Your face features are generally softer, so adding a bit of angle is a good option. Square or rectangular frames are the best fit for men with round faces. Head sizes vary, and the square frames are ideal for those with standard head sizes. The rectangular frames make those with slightly small head sizes look great. They can be colored or neutral, depending on your complexion and style.

The square face

Here, the jaw line and width of the cheeks are somehow equal. The ideal frame should balance out the angles, making them softer. A rounded frame is perfect for you. However, not everyone likes this shape. An alternative is a frame with a slightly rounded bottom and straight upper frame or brow line.

The oval face

It's a prevalent face shape in men. The forehead and chin are usually narrow, while the cheek area is wide. This shape can do with more than one frame. Boxy frames are a great choice or something angular for everyday wear. Rectangular frames are also suitable for you or the semi-rounded frames. They have a straight brow line while the lower half is rounded.

The triangle face

This one has a triangular outline whereby the forehead or hairline is wider and narrows down to the jaw. The beauty of this shape is its versatility. Rounded frames are suitable for those with a triangular outline; there are also square frames with rounded corners. You will notice that many men love these kinds of frames.

Bottom line

Stylish men eyeglasses fashion isn't as it was ages ago. It is slowly changing, but the shape of your face is constant. Outline a photo of your face to know your shape, or try on glasses in a store until you get the most suitable. It's okay to pick trendy styles but go for what suits your face. Some glasses frames fit more than one face shape, which is suitable for changeability.