Are Lab Created Diamonds Really Worth the Money?

Are Lab Created Diamonds Really Worth the Money?

Lab created diamonds have been around for a while. They are being embraced more and more now by a new generation of diamond buyers. In fact, it’s now believed that natural diamonds are feeling the threat of these lab creations! What’s not to like? The use of technology to create a piece of expensive jewelry is a match not many can argue with.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that lab-created diamonds are less expensive than natural diamonds. That’s not always the case and man-made diamonds are as expensive as regular diamonds. They are also similar in the composition of the stone. So, does it make sense to spend money on lab created diamonds?


  • In a time where everything needs to be personalized, the lab created diamond can get as personal as you want. Since the basic composition is carbon, you can decide what material you’d like your personalized diamond. An old photograph, a leaf from your favorite tree in the old house- there is a lot to choose. This makes for a highly personalized, personal gift that adds value to the meaning it gives the giver and receiver.
  • How much money would you pay for something ethical and good for the environment? This is the question to think about and this is the power of a lab created diamond. Conflict-free and far away from blood diamonds, the lab created diamond is the right choice for the conscious citizen.
  • Extending the idea of personalization, a lab created diamond can be made to fit your choice of cut, carat, color, and clarity. Infuse your diamond with whatever color works for you, create a better more clear diamond in a tightly controlled process and technique, choose the carat that works for you and your budget and also gets a stone that’s cut like you want it.


  • A diamond is precious because it’s not a common occurrence in nature. In fact, the bigger the carat, the rarer the occurrence. That’s what makes the diamond so valuable. Spending it on something created artificially can be a bit of a let-down. Why would you spend a lot of money on something created when you can spend about the same, and perhaps less, on one that’s been discovered in the wild?
  • Spending money on a natural diamond is like owning a piece of the earth. You wear it on you and it is like carrying the myth and magic and the many centuries of work that went into creating the diamond. This is something that can never be replicated in a lab.
  • If there’s no difference- in composition- between a natural diamond and a lab-created diamond, why not buy an ‘actual’ diamond?

Ultimately what needs to be kept in mind is the sentiment behind the stone. It matters to the giver and the receiver because of the emotion attached to it. Whether it’s lab created or a natural diamond, as long as it comes from a place of love, its provenance and arguments about it are just quibbling.

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